Our Team

Our Team

Celma Pinto

Owner and CEO

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Commerce (honours) major in Finance and a minor in Marketing, Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Health Care Aide Certificate, Robertson College, Winnipeg
  • Nursing Diploma Program (2 years) short 3 courses, Red River College
  • Certificate for First Aid and CPR C and AED and have Full Immunization Record

Professional Experience

  • Vast experience in Financial and Health Care sectors 

Community Involvement

  • Member of the Manitoba Associates at the Asper School of Business 
  • Volunteered at Trinity United church 
  • Volunteer at Siloam Mission (support for the homeless and participated in fund raising events)
  • Volunteer at church of the Rock
  • Participant at the full Manitoba Marathon

Irina Krug

Client Coordinator​

Irina has over 15 years experience in Healthcare. She worked 10 years as a qualified Healthcare Aide in nursing homes and also with Homecare in Canada. Before that, Irina worked in Germany in the Healthcare field. Her passion to help people in need of any age motivates her daily to provide Care and help with Love, respect and integrity. She speaks German, English, Russian and many other languages. Irina holds a German degree in nursing, social work and massage. She is surrounded daily by her big loving family.

Nenita A. Manalo

Client Coordinator​

Nenita is a competent, energetic, and compassionate Internationally Educated Registered Nurse/Midwife with experience since 1990 in the Health Care field. She completed Midwife at the De Ocampo Memorial Collage and worked in that field for an extended numbers of years. Nenita also completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2006 at Arellano University. With many years’ experience in Medical, OR and Homecare she is solid with knowledge in all aspects of top quality patient care. Nenita is talented with exceptional experience in all types of nursing procedures, as well as maintaining and operating OR/DR room machines and equipment, and patient documentation and reporting. She has the great capacity to communicate with patients and families, as well as with co-employees and other people in allied services.

Tania Dunn

Client and Staff Coordinator​

My name is Tania Hofer Dunn. I grew up in Manitoba and as a child my parents were foster parents. I really enjoyed being able to be part of this,caring and loving these children.In 2000 I became a foster parent myself. Taking care daily of high needs children. I have taken care of all ages from birth to 21yrs of age. Also became a mentor for young mothers and helping them develop the skills to take care of themselves and their children. Supervising visits and taking them to medical appointments and outings as well. This has been my life since 2000 and I would not change it for the world. I presently have four children in my care that I have had since birth all with high needs. Twin girls age 11 and two boys ages 16 and 17 yrs of age. This can at times be a challenge but I like a challenge. I have also helped in the care of my mother who passed away at the age of 47 to cancer. Bathing,providing meals and transportation to and from medical appointments and keeping track of medications. I was a mother myself at the age of 25 when my mother passed away. My father is also in a care home in Winnipeg, Manitoba for some time now. He suffers from Parkinson’s, dementia and major anxiety. I have worked closely with home care for years before my father went into a care home and now work closely with the staff in his home and also still his doctors. My joy is to comfort, to make people happy and to also keep them safe and be a friend. I now have the opportunity to be working at Heavenly Care in Carman Manitoba and it’s been a joy. I have recently moved back to Carman Manitoba after being gone for 8.5 yrs. my daughter and son In-law with my grandson also reside in Carman and my son and his wife and 4 children reside in Roland Manitoba. This is my home and I am thankful to be back in the community and thankful to have had the opportunity to be hired on as a coordinator at Heavenly Care Agency.