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Do you or you or a family member fall into these categories:

  • Are you a Canadian Veteran, Canadian Arm Force or an RCMP suffering from physical or mental disabilities?
  • Have been injured at work?
  • Have been in Car Accident?
  • Are you a Senior Citizen needing help with activities of daily living?
  • Are you in Palliative Care?
  • Do you suffer from Alzheimer disease /Dementia?
  • Do you suffer from Old Age Physical or Mental Fragility?
  • Muscle disease: Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Dystrophy?
  • Feeling Lonely?
  • Are you blind?
  • Need help with Banking, house cleaning, cooking, doctor’s appointments?
  • Need a ride to visit family members or shopping?
  • Need 24/7 Services

…….And More



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Funding Assistance

  • Government Sponsored – Self and Family Managed Care Program
  • Manitoba Public Insurance
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • The primary care giver tax credit

Come to Heavenly Care and we will help you understand Self and family-managed Care. Self or family-managed care enables you or your family member to personally administer, recruit, retain, coordinate and supervise non-professional staff under contractual agreement with the regional health authority – this in support of community living and autonomy. Alternatively, Heavenly Care can be hired to develop a Program of Care with the Self/Family Manager that is suited to the individual and to perform all aspects of staff management.

Self Managed Care or Family Managed Care enables individuals or their families with assessed Home Care needs to accept full responsibility for their personal care as Self Managers or Family Managers. Individuals or Families who choose this option rather than receiving services through the regular Home Care Program are responsible for coordinating, managing, and directing the non-professional services they or their family member need to continue living at home and in the community.

To be eligible for SFMC, individuals must:

• be a Manitoba resident
• registered with Manitoba Health
• require assistance with the activities of daily living
• require service to remain safely in their homes
• require more assistance than is available from existing supports and community resources.

How Do I Apply For SFMC?
• To apply for the SFMC Program you or your family member need to be a client of the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) Home Care Program and be eligible to receive Home Care attendant/homemaker services. If you or your family member is already receiving services from the Home Care Program, contact Heavenly Care who will guide you through the discussions with the Home Care Case Coordinator to determine whether SFMC is an appropriate resource for you or your family member.
• If you or your family member is not a client of Home Care and would like to determine eligibility for Home Care services including SFMC; please contact the local Case Coordinator for an assessment. Heavenly Care will guide you through the Home Care process, free of charge.

Like Family

Sometimes, the needs of the individual exceed what is available through Home Care.  Heavenly Care is there to offer 24-hour solutions that will meet all your needs through its personalized Program of Care. Heavenly Care promises to provide compassionate and respectful care to its clients in full confidentiality.  Heavenly Care’s goal is to provide continuity of service in a totally transparent environment where communication is encouraged to ensure the highest quality of care.